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Client Stories

The Stories of our Clients Is the Story of Sustainvest

We Walked Away from the Big Box Brokerage Firm and We’re Loving It

Mary and Elizabeth both live extremely busy lives. Their time to worry about which asset class or stock they are invested in is limited.

Sustainvest Clients
Sustainvest Client

I Want my Advisor to Go to Burning Man…and Know Investing Too

Xander is one of those young men who just naturally has a knack for fixing things. As a young boy he would tinker with any electronic to see how it worked.

I Inherited from my Mom. It’s Now My Duty to do Sustainable Investing for my Child

Heather has always been ambitious and hard working. Things didn’t come easy for her. After deciding to leave the east coast for greener pastures out west, Heather was now the sole bread winner for herself and her teenage son.

Sustainvest Client
Sustainvest Clients

Retired and Enjoying Every Minute… As Much as Their Legs Allow Them

To Elena and Richard, being happy isn’t about fancy clothes or country clubs. It’s about spoiling their grandchildren and traveling when their bodies let them.

Invest with Love and Care

Find out how our approach can help you pursue your financial goals sustainably!