Sustainvest Premium

Our primary service is the Sustainvest Premium model which includes asset management and financial planning. Asset management services include monitoring and adjusting portfolio allocations while maintaining an investment portfolio properly structured to meet each client’s needs and objectives whether growth or income-based. All clients complete our Investor Profile Questionnaire during our initial meetings as well. We will create a customized financial plan helping clients on issues like planning for retirement, paying for a child’s education or purchasing that vacation home. This process is about gathering data and setting goals. To accomplish the plan, we use financial planning program MoneyGuidePro and their various tools including a Financial Plan Worksheet.

We are a fee-only fiduciary registered investment advisor or RIA.

Based in beautiful Petaluma of Sonoma County, Sustainvest Asset Management provides asset & investment management services to individuals, families, foundations, and institutions. Our strategies reflect the conviction that investing to generate financial returns and environmental and social impact are not only compatible, but work in parallel with each other.

Our clients are conscious of how business practices may impact the environment and future generations. Most are interested in aligning their sustainability values with their investment goals. We believe that you can achieve better than market returns by investing in low-cost, diversified, sustainable portfolios.