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Q1 2024 (We All Share PFAs, Tax Time Vocab Test and the Top 100 List is Out)


Q4 2023 (Farmers Getting Susty, The Boom Shifting Funds, and Taking Guns Out of Your Money)

Q3 2023 (Hippie Shoes Gone Public, Interest vs Dividend, and Green Bonds Grow)

Q1 2023 (Big Oil Going Green?, What the DAF?, Political Jabronies, and Dale Wrote a Book!)


Q4 2022 (Oh Snap ESG, Sector Who?, and As You Sow Faces 401ks)

Q3 2022 (Robot Friends, Retiring Soon Pointers, and Green 529s)

Q1 2022 (Pack This, Inherited IRA Confusion, and Crypto Needs Some Susty)


Q4 2021 (2021 Market Recap, Buses Gone EV!?, 401k Contribution Changes and Investing in Organic Farming)

Q3 2021 (New Gas Station in Town, Metaverse What?, Bonds Gone Blue)

Q1 2021 (Swedish Sustainable Clothing, 501c3 and ESG, and Calvert Impact Note)


Q4 2020 (Tighty Whities and Susty, Ways to Invest in Bitcoin and SPAC What?)

Q3 2020 (Danaher Who?, Interest vs Dividends, and Tech Companies Pony Up for Climate)

Q2 2020 (Social Issue Champ Nvidia, Retiring Soon Pointers, Remote Work Saving Planet)

Q1 2020 (Venmo Everywhere, Changes to RMDs for IRAs and SRI Continued Inflows)


Q4 2019 (Real Estate and Susty, Tips for a Healthy Financial 2020 and Stocks Big Brother, Bonds)

Q3 2019 (Pea Burgers, Investing in Cannabis the Goldilocks Way and Thank you Greta)

Q2 2019 (Ball Corp and Cans of Beer, 3 Errs of Retirement Spend, Sustainfolio Launch!, and Climate Data)


Q4 2018 (Solar Airplanes, How to Gift that Netflix Stock and Impact Note Investing)

Q3 2018 (Old Bay Gone Green, To Convert your IRA or Not, and Companies with NO Women on the Board!?)

Q2 2018 (RV Gone EV!?,  Non-Profits Putting Their Money Where Their Mission Is and Good Work Big Apple!)

Q1 2018 (Retirement Money Musts, Water Innovates, and Goodbye Gun Stocks)