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Community Investing

Where can I make the biggest impact?

Impact Investing (aka Community Investing) directs capital from investors and lenders to communities that are under-served by traditional financial services institutions and at the same time generates a return for clients. These investments are made with the intention of realizing measureable positive social and environmental benefits alongside competitive financial returns.

This newly described asset class provides access to credit, equity, capital, and basic banking products that these communities would otherwise lack. In the US and around the world, community investing makes it possible for local organizations to provide financial services to low-income individuals and to supply capital for small businesses and vital community services, such as affordable housing, child care, and healthcare.

Sustainvest actively searches for investment vehicles allocated to this issue and works with clients to invest a portion of their assets into such causes.  Clients can choose to allocate anywhere from 0% to upwards of 5% of their portfolio towards this asset class.  This is determined upon the initial setup of client allocations and risk profile.