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Sustainvest 2nd Quarter Newsletter

dale vs goliath imageAs the American soccer team clawed its way through this year’s World Cup in Brazil, the markets have slowly clawed their way to a solid first half performance. The S&P 500 ended the quarter up 4.70%, the tech heavy NASDAQ fared better ending up 5.00% and the 30 company Dow Jones was up 2.20%. The Dow flirts with that 17,000 mark on what seems like a daily basis. Many stocks also have hit multiple new highs in the first half of the year. That being said, there is some cause for concern. The gold market has noticed some interest as of lately surging 3% last week and posting a 10% gain on the year (GLD). The utility sector also is seeing some influx. This may be a signal that caution should be taken.

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2nd quarter 2014 Sustainvest Newsletter