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Sustainvest 1st Quarter 2014 Newsletter


  • Car Seat Karma
  • The Boom and Inherited IRAs
  • Sustainvest Takes on $35 Billion Pharma Company
  • Non-Profit of the Quarter-COTS

Spring has sprung (for most of us) as we enter the 2nd quarter of the year.  Companies are sifting through profit and loss statements with corporate earnings announcements due soon which should prove interesting in the next few weeks.  The markets continue to simply bounce from day to day, with some of those days being fairly bumpy rides.  There are some reasons (chart below) to feel somewhat optimistic about where this roller coaster ride is headed including unemployment and manufacturing numbers. That being said, the S&P 500 ended the quarter up 1.3%, the tech heavy NASDAQ fared a bit worse ending up .5% and the 30 company Dow Jones Industrials was actually down .71%.

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