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Top 5 Reasons To Use A Financial Advisor

In today’s world we have access to a plethora of information at our fingertips. With a click of a button we can get answers to any question. What’s that rash on my arm?  Click a button.  The problem is, when it comes to investing, those answers aren’t always correct or the information is outdated. How do you know what investments are right for your situation and goals in life? While you have access to websites such as Etrade, how do you know which investments will pay off in the end.

With a reputable financial advisor, you can take the guess work out of the equation and start investing smart.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should use a financial advisor when you’re ready to invest.


  1. Save Time

Seriously, wouldn’t you rather be hanging with friends at a Rolling Stones show or heading to Tahoe for some sun or snow?  While you could spend the time researching how to invest, where to invest and how to buy and sell, you’ll save a tremendous amount of time by letting someone manage this for you. A financial advisor is an expert in the field of investing and financial planning and they understand the markets which allows you to focus on your life while they take control of your investment growth.


  1. Save Money

Still holding onto that Zynga stock?  You may think you’re saving money by managing your own investments. What most fail to realize is with the expertise of a financial advisor, they’ll have a better grasp when to get in and get out. They understand trends and long-term investment strategies. They take the guess work out of investing to limit your risk. In doing so your portfolio should keep a more even keel in the long run.


  1. Experience

Wait, what’s value versus growth?  Or what is all this talk about inverted yield curves or the difference between an ETF or a mutual fund?  Do you know what investments are right for you? Remember, financial advisors know this inside and out.  Their years of experience allow them to understand trends and also where it may be more efficient and cost-effective to own an exchange traded fund versus an old-fashioned mutual fund. Whether that be for retirement, tax savings or a sudden lump sum of money such as inheritance, knowing how and where to invest if vital.


  1. Understanding the Market

Should we be short term or long term with bonds these days?  Market fluctuations are going to happen and often times they are unforeseen. You can be riding high today and tomorrow the market could collapse, how do you minimize your risk? Do you hold or sell? A financial advisor will take the emotion out of the equation that typically makes us make the wrong decision. Think about this, if you sold in 2008, this could have been a costly mistake considering where we are today.


  1. Peace of Mind

Who wants to have to rebalance every quarter? Take the stress out of your investments. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIAs), we’re held to strict fiduciary standards which means the law requires us to always put our clients interests first. As a RIA, we instantly build trust and honesty with our clients, they know we’ll always have their best interests in mind when choosing what investments are best for their goals.


While investing for yourself through an online platform may seem attractive, think about what a professional financial advisor could do for you over the course of 10 or 20 years. Their knowledge alone is what will take the guess work out of your financial planning and limit your risk in the market.

Sonoma County financial advisor Dale Wannen has over 18 years experience in wealth management and financial services. As the founder of Sustainvest Asset Management, not only will Dale advise you on a strong investment strategy, he’ll also show you how you can invest for your future using sustainable investments.