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Your Swell Investing Account Closing, What Are Your Options?

You’ve been notified Swell Investing is closing, here’s what you can do.

As of August 30th, Swell Investing is closing down and while your investments and money are safe,  if you don’t withdraw your money by August 30th, they will direct Folio Investments to sell your positions and disburse the balance of your account via check or ACH. If you choose to wait, make sure your account information is up to date.  Read more about your Swell account options here:

So you may be asking, what may be a good alternative to Swell?

Perhaps check out Sustainfolio.  SustainFolio is a technology based investment platform designed for individuals who want to integrate sustainability into their portfolios digitally. Overseen by Sustainvest Asset Management, a wealth management firm fully dedicated to sustainable and responsible investing, SustainFolio allows its clients to establish a portfolio based on their tolerance for risk and their aspirations for building wealth using sustainable low cost ETFs. Portfolios are held in a brokerage account at Charles Schwab and Co., Inc. You can easily access accounts through their websites and mobile apps.

Dale Wannen founder of Sustainvest Asset Management, LLC has over 18 years’ experience in wealth management and financial services. Sustainvest focuses on sustainable and responsible investing aligning with our client’s values and goals.

Through his role as a financial / investment advisor in Northern California and Silicon Valley, Dale saw the need for an automated solution to invest responsible and sustainably. From that need Dale developed Sustainfolio, a personalized low-cost automated way to invest sustainably.

In today’s world investors want to see the same growth and returns as traditional investments but by investing sustainably and responsibly.

Just as you did with your Swell account, Sustainfolio allows you access to your account online and through a mobile app.

The setup is simple:

  1. Create an account
  2. Answer simple questions about your age, goals, risk tolerance
  3. We build an investment strategy designed to fit your needs
  4. You have access to your account any time

As a Sustainfolio client, along with a sustainably screened portfolio, clients receive an annual personal review of their account.

Visit us online to learn more about with Sustainfolio.

You can also learn more about Dale Wannen & sustainable investing by visiting our website.


Dale Wannen
Sustainvest Asset Management, LLC
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